This site features the work of Gareth Morgan. Management author, professor and social entrepreneur.


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This site features the work of Gareth Morgan - author, professor and social entrepreneur. His work focuses on the development of new ways of thinking and acting to meet the challenges of turbulent times.

Recent News

- Oxford University – Gareth elected Associate Fellow, Said Business School, December 2014

- Syddansk Universitet (University of Southern Denmark) Gareth receives hororary doctorate – doctor philosophiae honoris causa (dr.phil.h.c), October, 2014

- Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, August, 2014. Topic of Gareth’s Keynote Speech “Expansive and Reductive Thinking in Organization and Management Research”

- Gareth and Gibson Burrell also receive the Academy’s Trailblazer Award for their book “Sociological Paradigms and Organizational Analysis” and its contributions to organization studies.

- Lodz University, Poland, June 2014 - Gareth presents a University Lecture in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Faculty of Economics and Management, June 2014 and a Keynote speech at the Meeting of Polish Deans of University Economics and Management Faculties

- “Paradigms and the Financial Crisis Symposium” May 2014 – sponsored by the Universities of Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield explores the relevance of Burrell and Morgan’s work for analysis of the 2008 financial crisis and its continuing effects.

- Human Relations to publish a Special Issue on Morgan’s Metaphors – Call for Papers Click here to download a PDF copy.

- The Schulich School of Business features Gareth Morgan's work on metaphor. Click here to download a PDF copy.

- Gareth Morgan at Oxford University. Click here to download a PDF copy.

- Organization and Environment Journal - Classics and Foundational Works Feature: Metaphor as the Foundation of Organization Studies: Images of Organization and Beyond (Click here)

- Gareth’s article for the Organization and Environment Classics Series: Reflections on Images of Organization and Its Implications for Organization and Environment (Click here)

- For a recent discussion of the impact of Sociological Paradigms and Organizational Analysis see: C. Shepherd and R. Challenger "Revisiting paradigm(s) in management research: a rhetorical analysis of the paradigm wars", International Journal of Management Reviews,Vol.15 (2), pp. 225-244, 2013 (Click here)