Leadership in a Turbulent World

Many organizations have been forced to achieve quantum change through major restructuring and downsizings that bring them into better alignment with their environment. However, once achieved, core problems can still remain. Unless managers and their units learn to flow with change, downsizings have to occur time and again, with disastrous consequences.“The new science of chaos and complexity shows us that a butterfly in China can influence a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. It also shows how each and every manager can exert a transforming influence on their organization.”

Gareth provides a practical alternative. Mobilizing the latest insights from new theories of chaos and self-organization, he has developed a practical method through which quantum breakthroughs can be achieved incrementally! The approach can be used to tackle a variety of business problems, as a tool for levering the success of re-engineering and other change projects, and for mobilizing innovation throughout an organization.

Used at the very top levels it provides a powerful frame for guiding new patterns of development and for launching prototype projects that can “create the future organization NOW!” At lower levels, it offers a way of supporting constant innovation. Gareth’s powerful combination of inspirational message, “hands on” practical methods, and examples from his change projects can be vital in creating a culture that actually thrives on change.

Key Messages: