Creativity in Action

Creativity is a valuable resource in almost all organizational activity. It is one of the keys to adding value and for developing breakthroughs in how we operate. The trouble is, creative ideas and creative thinking are not enough. They have to be translated into forms of action and implementation that can make a genuine difference.“Creativity comes easy! The real challenge rests in making it practical and absolutely relevant to the needs at hand.”

Gareth specializes in translating breakthrough thinking into pragmatic new actions and results. It’s this blend of creativity and pragmatism that lends his approach to innovation a unique and vital character.

The results of some of his work in this field are reported in his book: Imaginization: New Ways of Thinking, Organizing, Managing. The same principles can be used in your organization to help individuals and groups make breakthroughs in relation to teamwork, organizational structure, strategy, management style, and the development of products and services. His presentations and interventions on this theme are always unique. His clients bring their knowledge, interests and concerns. He brings a powerful way of unlocking their imagination. The result: a powerful and innovative experience that meets the needs of the situation at hand.

Key Messages: