Designing & Managing Network Organizations

The creation of flat, decentralized organizations that flourish in niche environments demands very special competencies and managerial skills There are crucial paradoxes that have to be managed. In particular, ways must be found to integrate decentralized teams, projects, and other organizational units, while avoiding anarchy and chaos on the one hand and stifling overcentralization on the other. Many organizations lurch between the two extremes because they have not discovered the competencies needed to achieve centralization and decentralization simultaneously. “Networked organizations are vital for creating collective forms of intelligence that can ‘self-organize’ on a continuous basis.”

Gareth has worked with leaders and managers in many different sectors of the economy to develop the models and mindsets that are needed for managing in this new reality. He knows the comptencies for creating team-based “virtual” organizations, and can help create the shared visions and mindsets that will help your staff move with comfort into this new arena. Many organizations have made strategic and operational breakthroughs by mastering his “six models of organization”: knowing when they’re appropriate, and making creative adaptation in different situations. Gareth’s knowledge and guidance provides managers with the skills and confidence needed to unleash the true potential of decentralized operation.

Key Messages: