Re-energize the Change Process

Change progams have a tendency to plateau and get stuck. Whatever approach an organization chooses to drive change – Re-engeneering, TQM, Continuous Improvement, Employee Empowerment, Team Building, – chances are, after initial success, results will fizzle. “Many organizations are wasting millions of dollars on programs designed to manage change instead of finding creative breakthroughs that can focus energy and lever what’s truly important.”

Gareth has an in-depth understanding of the reasons for stalemate. His creative methods for dealing with the contradictions and paradoxes blocking effective change have helped many organizations develop the competencies and skills needed to go forward in a new way.

Gareth shows how to find the “high leverage” initiatives that can make a difference. He’s often brought in by clients to create decisive breakthroughs in the implementation of key projects and to get the creative juices flowing. His contribution can be crucial in getting a progect off to the right start or back on the right track. He knows how to help managers find focus, avoid months of unproductive work, and achieve real results.

Key Messages: