Challenges of the New Information Age

In a turbulent world it’s impossible to know exactly where you’re going and exactly how you’ll get there. This presents an enormous challenge for senior management, who must promote a strong sense of vision while encouraging people to be constantly searching for new opportunities and potential new directions. “In the new economy we have to build innovation into everything we do. ROI means return on intellectas well as return on investment.”

Gareth specializes in helping senior leaders cope with this paradox, so that they can energize and motivate people to the highest levels of performance. His concept of “imaginization” offers a powerful way of reshaping business strategies, styles, and structures and of generating productive innovation on a continuing basis.

Explore the “genetic code” for prototyping capacities for organizational learning and self-organization. Understand the competencies for managing in an information age. Develop the mindsets for dealing with our Einsteinian world.

Gareth excels in developing concrete ways of building on information and knowledge as a key resource. He shows how to manage and unleash the productivity of “knowledge workers.” Senior management briefings on these issues can be crucial in helping your organization and its staff position for success in the new economy.

Key Messages: