Author. Professor. Social Entrepreneur

Gareth Morgan is a best-selling author, speaker and consultant on managing change and social theory and research (See Wikipedia). His books include Images of OrganizationRiding the Waves of ChangeImaginization: New Mindsets for Seeing, Organizing, and Managing, Sociological Paradigms and Organizational Analysis and Beyond Method. 

He is Distinguished Research Professor at York University in Toronto, where he teaches at the Schulich School of Business. His contributions to management thinking have brought him many international awards, including election as Life Fellow of the International Academy of Management in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the science of management.

The transition to today’s new information economy brings enormous challenges. Leaders and managers are having to rethink their roles and forge new ways of organizing in a world where turbulence and change is a daily reality.

  • How do we position for turbulence and change – both as individuals and organizations?
  • What new mindsets and competencies are needed to deal with the new challenges?
  • How can insights and strategies drawn from the new science of chaos and complexity inform our approach here?
  • How can we use the paradoxes that often block desired change help us to create new breakthroughs?
  • What new metaphors are needed to deal with our new world?

Gareth’s books, keynote presentations and strategic interventions address these issues. They show how to make a positive difference.

His writings and speeches have been at the forefront of many contemporary management trends:

  • Prototyping the requirements of learning organizations;
  • Designing and managing decentralized networks;
  • Creating flexible, team-based enterprises;
  • Unleashing creativity and innovation;
  • Using theories of paradox and self organization to find new methods of managing change.

Gareth has worked with thousands of executives in leading organizations throughout Europe and North America. His dynamic presentations and in-depth consultations deliver substantial ideas with real impact.