Images of Organization

We are living in the midst of a revolution in organization and management. The mechanistic principles that have dominated the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are being replaced by those of an electronic universe. As a result, managers have to see and understand organizations in new ways.

In times of rapid change it is vital that managers develop competencies that allow them to see, understand and shape situations in new ways. Images of Organization is designed as a resource that can help managers understand how they think about organizations and how they can begin to think about them differently.

The various chapters invite you to explore different dimensions of organization and management in a way that can transform your thinking about your organization. They will challenge you to see and think anew.

Along with the companion volume Imaginization: New Mindsets for Seeing, Organizing, and Managing, Images shows how we can transcend the constraints of traditional assumptions about organization and develop a more creative approach to everything we do.

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